We provide a comprehensive range of products designed for the mobile market. Some of the products areas are listed below.

  • Controllers
  • Displays and touch screens, 2.8″ to 15″
  • I/O modules and controllers for centralized and distributed systems
  • CANopen I/O modules
  • Programmable Telematics modules, GSM/UMTS/LTE/GPS/Glonass/RTK etc.
  • Customized harness
  • Sensors for level, temperature, pressure, position, angle, etc.
  • Protocol converters for different bus systems

The products come from leading manufacturers such as ifm electronics, CrossControl, HMS, MRS Electronics and Owasys. See link for more information about our manufacturers. As a system integrator, we also use other products based on our customers’ needs. We have a lot of expertise in hardware and software product development and can provide customized solutions if needed.