Open and powerful Linux IoT gateway Process data coming from wired and wireless sensors/devices/peripherals. The owa4X sits close to your assets, in order to monitor and control them, sending just the meaningful information to cloud services or custom control centre. The products of the owa4X family are predestined for all telematics applications like fleet management, car sharing, car […]


CANLoRa enables wireless communication for mobile and stationary machines. Monitor and manage remote installations in completely new ways. Low cost solution guarantee short return of investment. The hardware is small and easy to install in present or new machines. Internal or external antenna option gives full flexibility in range coverage. 15 km range or more […]


Listen to any CAN bus without damaging the wires or disturb the CAN bus signals Listen to the data traffic on a CAN bus without making an electrical connection to the physical bus. The sensor is easy to mount, attached to the existing CAN wires with a smart click-fit locking function and provides galvanic isolation […]