CANLoRa enables wireless communication for mobile and stationary machines.
Monitor and manage remote installations in completely new ways. Low cost solution guarantee short return of investment. The hardware is small and easy to install in present or new machines. Internal or external antenna option gives full flexibility in range coverage. 15 km range or more can be achieved with good antenna configuration. CANLoRa uses the standardised wireless protocol LoRaWAN which make the device compatible with public LoRaWAN-networks. The CAN-interface can be used to read data from the machine it is connected to. Proven hardware ensures reliable operation in the most demanding applications.

Access the machines via a local LoRaWAN-gateway or public LoRaWAN-network provider.


  • Low cost
  • Long range
  • Wide supply voltage
  • LoRaWAN-compatible
  • Positioning possible using TDOA

Preliminary datasheet