The telematics control unit enables your mobile machines to establish secure and bidirectional communication with global 4G. The CANlink® mobile is connected directly to the CAN bus, comes “ready to go” pre-configured, and can be configured to the customer’s needs without additional coding. Its robust casing meets the IP6k7 standard and was designed to withstand off-highway applications’ challenging demands.

Product strengths at a glance:

  • Global 4G communication by CAT4 LTE module supporting the most essential 4G frequencies (with fallback to 3G/2G); 
  • Embedded SIM card;
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth additionally available;
  • Dedicated TPM security chip and TLS 1.2 encryption;
  • Global tracking GNSS interface;
  • Made in Germany

The CANlink® mobile is part of the Global Connectivity out-of-the-box solution that also offers the DataPlatform and DataPortal to process and visualize the telematics data.