Mobile Integrator Sweden AB is a system integrator with focus on mobile machines. We are a trusted partner when it comes to development, implementation and total system installation for mobile electonics. We sell a wide range of products from the smallest mobile connectors to advanced IP-rated controllers and rugged displays. We have long time experience and our key words to our customers are Perfection, flexibility and fast response.

Our mission:

”To provide the mobile industry with knowledge and systems based on non closed and standardized platforms and architectures”

”Mobile Integrator shall always support our customers to choose reliable components and systems to the best price, performance and quality”

Our largest sales are within the Scandinavian countries but we also welcome new customers around the world looking for the competence we have within this business area. Please feel free to contact us for any inquirey you may have and we will gladly response wihtin 24h during the week days.

Mobile Integrator Sweden AB is an independent system integrator and supplier of electronics for vehicles and mobile machines. We work with design and development of electronics and systems for the mobile market. We deliver everything from components to entire system solutions according to customer requirements. Our strength is flexibility and to help our customers quickly.